NFL Pick 'ems

NFL Pick 'ems

Our Pick 'Ems will be updated and tracked throughout the season.  Our target is to hit at least 60% accuracy on a weekly basis, and a season-long accuracy of 65%.  Wish me luck!

We hit on 56% of games in each of the first two weeks.  Still over 1/2 correct after two weeks.  We'll see if week 3 will be better overall and if we will keep our 100% streak on Thursday Night Football, going strong!

Week 1Week 2 Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
Steelers vs BrownsBUFKCCLE
Bills vs. DolphinsPHIPITBUF
Bengals vs Jets49ersNYGCIN
Raiders vs TitansCINCLELV
Saints vs PanthersMIAINDNO
Ravens vs PatriotsCARBALBAL
Lions vs VikingsINDTBMIN
Eagles vs CommandersNOWASPHI
Chiefs vs ColtsBALSFKC
Texans vs BearsJAXLARHOU
Jaguars vs ChargersGBLVLAC
Rams vs CardinalsTENDENLAR
Packers vs BuccaneersLACCINTB
Falcons vs SeahawksARIGBATL
49ers vs BroncosTBBUFDEN
Cowboys vs GiantsDENPHINYG
Correct Games Weekly99
Correct Games Season Long918
Total Games1616

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