Week 4 Pick Ems

Our Pick 'Ems will be updated and tracked throughout the season.  Our target is to hit at least 60% accuracy on a weekly basis, and a season-long accuracy of 65%.  Wish me luck!

3 weeks through the NFL season and we are still over 50%.  Only 8/16 correct last week, our lowest total yet.  Let's see if week 4 can bring us a little more success.

Week 1Week 2 Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
Dolphins vs BengalsBUFKCCLEMIA
Vikings vs SaintsPHIPITBUFMIN
Seahawks vs Lions49ersNYGCINSEA
Jets vs SteelersCINCLELVPIT
Bears vs GiantsMIAINDNONYG
Chargers vs TexansINDTBMINLAC
Browns vs FalconsNOWASPHIATL
Commanders vs CowboysBALSFKCDAL
Jaguars vs EaglesJAXLARHOUPHI
Bills vs RavensGBLVLACBAL
Cardinals vs PanthersTENDENLARCAR
Broncos vs RaidersLACCINTBDEN
Patriots vs PackersARIGBATLGB
Chiefs vs BuccaneersTBBUFDENKC
Correct Games Weekly998
Correct Games Season Long92626
Total Games161616
Season Long Accuracy56.25%56.25%54.17%

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