Thursday Night Football Week 4 - DFS

 Last Thursday night brought heartbreak for us, and millions of others, playing DFS.  The Pat McAfee super boost that we thought was a slam dunk, was all but in the bag going into the final play of the game.  The Steelers tried the lateral special that never works, and ultimately fumbled into the end zone, giving Cleveland another score and destroying the spread.  Terrible.

 At least Fan Duel gave us our entry back and has some seriously juicy lines out for this week's action.


Team Lines (Odds)

My Pick

Money Line

Dolphins (+158)

Bengals (-190)



Dolphins +3.5 (-110)

Bengals -3.5 (-110)


Over Under 48.5

Under (-110)

Over (-110)


 I like the Bengals this week.  Miami just played an intense game last week in brutal humidity and temperatures.  Their defense played 92 snaps just 4 days ago.  I think Cincinnati covers the line in this one with a 7 point victory.

Fanduel Specials

 Fanduel has some seriously awesome specials for this evening's game.  The Pat McAfee show boost has +1200 odds this week on their parlay.  With odds that high, I’d put in on that.  This should be a good game tonight.

Ja’Marr Chase - 1 TD 

Joe Burrow 200+ Passing Yards

Tyreek Hill - 1 TD

Bengals -3.5 (spread)

Two other boosts on FanDuel that I love are below

+500 Odds:

Tua & Burrow Combine for 

5 + Touchdowns

550 + Passing Yards

+100 Odds:

Tyreek Hill 40+ Yards

Ja’Marr Chase 40+ Yards

Jaylen Waddle 40+ Yards

DraftKings Specials

 DraftKings has one special this week that I really like.  This falls right in line with the other bets I’ve made on tonight's action.

+525 Odds

Chase Edmonds TD

Ja’Marr Chase 70+ yards

Over 48.5 points

That's all we have for Thursday Night Props and Sports lines.  Good luck out there if you have bets in tonight!

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