2022 Defense Rankings

 Defense is a position better off streamed. Even the best defenses in the league come across juggernaut offenses that they can't slow down. We recommend the streaming strategy based on matchups. Last season 49 quarterbacks finished as a QB1 in at least one week of the fantasy season. Finding replacement quarterbacks is a great strategy in fantasy football.

 We also like to target teams with easy schedules to start the season. The "Early Schedule Strength" column shows the strength of the schedule from weeks 1-4 of the season. For clarity, the Philadelphia Eagles have the easiest schedule to open the season.

 Stay tuned throughout the season for streaming recommendations.  

RankNameBye WeekEarly Schedule StrengthSeason Schedule Strength
1Buffalo Bills72617
2Los Angeles Rams72431
3Tampa Bay Buccaneers113025
4San Francisco 49ers92922
5New Orleans Saints14716
6Los Angeles Chargers8320
7Green Bay Packers142511
8Denver Broncos981
9Pittsburgh Steelers91624
10Dallas Cowboys9144
11New York Giants9215
12Indianapolis Colts1457
13Cleveland Browns9218
14Kansas City Chiefs81821
15Arizona Cardinals131528
16Minnesota Vikings71319
17Baltimore Ravens102823
18Philadelphia Eagles718
19Carolina Panthers132727
20Cincinnati Bengals10929
21New England Patriots101910
22Tennessee Titans6229
23Washington Commanders1446
24Miami Dolphins113213
25New York Jets102032
26Jacksonville Jaguars1163
27Las Vegas Raiders62330
28Seattle Seahawks111215
29Detroit Lions61012
30Chicago Bears14112
31Atlanta Falcons143126
32Houston Texans61714

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